American Express CCLUB

Membership terms for ListOnly AB service

ListOnly AB is a wholly owned subsidiary of Connoisseur International AB. The purpose of the service is to provide you with better and easier access to the best nightclubs in Europe in particular. By registering, you as the holder of the American Express® Platinum Card, the SAS EuroBonus American Express® Elite Card or the American Express® Centurion have the advantage of using ListOnly AB reservation system to enter the guest list of the nightclub you wish to visit.

The benefit is provided by ListOnly AB's partners, selected nightclubs, so ListOnly AB is not responsible for the benefits, nor for the actions, terms and conditions that the partners can enforce or can establish. Partners may own a company even if the company is on the guest list if the cooperation partner so wishes. Any claims, damages or request for refund of fees cannot be directed to ListOnly AB or American Express.

Connected member who through misleading behavior, abuse of the service, offensive behavior or otherwise acting against these terms may be excluded from the booking system with immediate effect.

Connected member acknowledges that he or she may automatically receive special information about offers and events from ListOnly AB and that personal data may be used for contacts with the member. However, personal data will not be disclosed to third parties. Note that these terms may be subject to change in legislation or similar instructions from the Authority.

Any questions or comments should be made to customer service